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Monthly Wellness Focus!

The year is new and what better time to revisit our financial wellness.

Five Steps Towards Financial Wellness


The year is new and what better time to revisit our financial wellness. Why not do a year-end review. Look back at how you managed your budget and other money matters in 2017, in order to understand what you want to do more, and less, and differently in 2018.


Here are some tips and tools that will help you:


Check Out How You Spent Your Money

In addition to rent or mortgage, utilities, and other basic expenses, review your checking account and credit card statements for your average monthly spending on nonessentials in 2017, including entertainment and vacations, restaurant meals, and holiday shopping. Was your total spending no more than 90% of your income? Ideally, it was less than that, but if you managed to stay within that figure, you made progress on your journey to financial wellness.

Build Your Rainy Day Fund

This year, have you been able to save at least 10% of your income? Unexpected expenses for Health care, home repairs and other needs can come up at any time, and slow or reverse your financial progress if you don't have savings to cover them. Save for emergencies and make sure your rainy day fund is full before putting aside money for other savings goals.

Prepare for The Future

Once your emergency fund is in place, you can save toward other goals. Remember, the sooner you start saving for retirement, the more you can ensure that you'll have the life you hope to enjoy after you say good-bye to your job. Save as soon as possible, and take advantage of smart opportunities to grow your retirement savings more quickly. If your employer offers to match your contributions to a 401(k), up to a certain percentage, contribute the maximum percentage every month to get the maximum matching funds. You'll reduce your taxable income, and grow your retirement savings tax-free until you use them.


Two more ways to help create the future you want for your family: Be sure you have the right life insurance. Prepare a will and start your estate planning. Use Cascade Centers financial resources to make your vision of your family's future truly possible.


Manage Your Debt

How did you do on the debt front this year? Ideally, your total debt balance, including credit cards and loans, is less than 67% of your gross annual income. To get there, or go lower, check out five things you can do to pay down your debts and reduce your balance. Lower is better!


Reward Yourself


Now, if you find that you have made good progress this year, maybe it is time to start thinking about a big reward. Would you love a summer vacation with your family, or a great staycation, but wonder if you can have one and stay within your budget? Cascade Centers can help with tips about simple ways to save - while enjoying yourself thoroughly.

Click on image for some tips and tools that will help you:

Wellcoaches Wellness Portal Updates!

We are pleased to launch our new look for the Wellcoaches portal.   In addition to the new look, we have added a module called My Assessments.  For the participant this can be found on the My Coaching page.   Under this module, the participant can complete the Positivity assessment and the Quick Wellbeing assessment.  The Full Wellbeing Assessment and the Health Risk Assessment are in their own containers.  Please note the container for the Health Risk Assessment has also changed.

Coaches can view their participant's results by logging in with their coach account and navigating to the Coaching Documentation->Participant Assessments page.  

As always, if you have any questions or need a bit of help, please click the Request Support link and let us know how we can help.



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